Thoughts on Road back from Artsakh

Zaruhi Avetisyan
(Perm, Russia)

Armenian youth from different parts of the world gathered together to go on a 4-day trip to Artsakh to see and feel  the struggle to rebuild Artsakh as getting it back after war with Azerbaijan. Shoushi, Tigranakert, Stepanakert and Gandzasar – just a few of the places we managed to do in these 4 days.

Over these 4 days I’ve been communicating with Armenians from all over the world. How similar or different we are? A question to be answered by heart not by mind. Armenian blood running down through or veins united us to get to know each other, explore Artsakh and discover our own selves through our identity. Hikes and “tzchanapars” we went through opened the beauty of our land, helped to learn its history and past and to see the perspectives for its growth and development.

We would speak Armenian, different though: Eastern Armenian, Western Armenian and their different forms from Beirut, Argentina, France, Jordan, USA and elsewhere. Trying to break the distance, close the gap we would share our cultural, behavioral and traditional differences. Armenian food and drink, the hospitality of locals as we stayed in their homes for these 4 days brought us closer to our Armenian origin. And if they were some still doubting as where do they belong they melted with others. Guess when? As they danced to Armenian music. The fun and pleasure of dancing came out through belonging to the one – Armenian nation and united us.


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