My Armenia

Noushig Hovhannesian
(Philadelphia, USA)

After trying numerous times to put my thoughts together in writing about my experience in Armenia for the first time, I have found it merely impossible. My focus is scattered, my emotions are many, and my reactions have been too confusing to define.

I have realized many simple joys. I have appreciated effortless moments. I have been overwhelmed by the beauty within the landscape, the culture, and the people. I also have many frustrations. I have been disappointed and have felt helpless. I have been angered. I have been found ignorant. I have too many questions. I have wanted to do so much but find it difficult to understand where I am to direct my attention.

In a country that has been through many hardships from which it continues to recover, where morale is often low and disappointing, and where words have been shared about difficulties and have torn my heart into two, I have found that faith and brotherhood are immensely strong and are the bond that is sustaining our country.

Progress is slow but evident, nominal but inspiring, and will continue to come through those that have recognized and acknowledged the need.

My connection to Armenia, a connection that has been innate, has been touched by the reality of what it is and is now better understood. These are my people where I am a sister and a daughter amongst no strangers. This is my music and my dance. These are the songs with the greatest melodies and with the most profound lyrics. This is the land that was conquered and inhabited by the least fearful and the most faithful, the land that has been graced with Mount Ararat and which Haig Nahabed claimed as his own, whose descendants ceaselessly continue to defend and faithfully continue to inhabit, the kingdom that is now a fraction of what it used to be, our beautiful and treasured motherland.


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