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Birthright Armenia 2014 participant Kohar Minassian shares her impressions of our weeekend excursion- the grape harvest at Armas Winery.

kohar minassian

Yesterday, the Birthright Armenia excursion took me to the ArmAs Winery in the Aragatson Province of Armenia, about an hour away from Yerevan. It was really a relief to be out on the land with such an amazing view of the horizon. After a quick tour of the winery, we got to help out in the actual vineyards with the grape harvesting.

The manual labor of harvesting was the most enriching experience I’ve had in Armenia so far. As soon as I had a pair of scissors in had, four women excitedly corralled me into their group down one of the long rows of vines, and immediately the party began. The language barrier ceased to exist: somehow, they understood my Western dialect perfectly and I had no problem deciphering their endless questions about my family and my home of California. They played music while they work, sometimes shouting at Vahe…

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